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Ancillary Product Services

Today’s thriving aesthetic practices offer experiences that build patient loyalty and create repeat business. One of those experiences is the inclusion of anti-aging skin care services and products, which is now accepted or even expected. Offering such products will create an opportunity for your practice to interact directly with prospective and existing patients in a non-threatening scenario.

However, there are multiple ways to effectively incorporate these offerings, with varying degrees of success.  Strategic Edge can work with you to seamlessly incorporate products into your practice. We will help you develop a plan that sets realistic goals and then plan for their achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I integrate skin care into my practice successfully?
  2. How do I sort through the overwhelming number of product choices to choose the best option for my practice?
  3. How can I use retail services and products to compete in such a fragmented market?

We can answer these questions by evaluating your market and then designing a plan for integration of product sales.

How to Enter the Retail Market

Your plan for entering the retail services and product market may include the following:

  • Needs assessment to identify product selection and services
  • Needs assessment for recruiting of staff members
  • Development of simple protocols for product usage (home, office)
  • Training of doctors and staff on how to present products and services to patients
  • Learn how to manage the Bonding-To-The-Doctor experience
  • Plans for overcoming obstacles to the product sale