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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful strategy of communication that offers your patients special discounts, event announcements, and a reason to return to your website for more information.  It's a cost-effective and rewarding way to drive interest in your services.

An Ongoing Process

The first step of e-mail marketing is developing a database of contacts through your website.  When you've built a sufficient number of contacts, you can begin sending out eblasts. As your email list grows, so does your power to generate leads through phone calls and website traffic. This continuing process of staying in touch with your prospects or consumers allows your practice to remain at the top of their mind - no matter how long their decision making process may be.

Email marketing also gives your patients a sense of exclusivity, knowing they will only see these offers and messages through your direct messaging.  Each message contains a call-to-action, inspiring your contacts to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

Strategic Edge can help you plan e-blast concepts and then perform the design, development, programming, and distribution.

Email Blast Concepts

Promotions vary widely, so they appeal to many different types of patients and consumers.  Depending on your goals, we can promote everything from skincare products and aesthetician services to surgery.

  • Event Announcement
  • Discounts, Rebates or Perks
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • New Product Features
  • Announce New Services


You can go to the Strategic Edge Eblast Portfolio to see examples of past work we have done in a variety of themes.

We also offer Print Collateral design - you can view the Strategic Edge Print Collateral Portfolio by clicking here.