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How many pages can I create on my WebGOLD site?

In addition to the home page, patient photo gallery and procedural information sections, members can work with a WebGOLD Consultant to develop up to 7 additional pages. If you choose to go over the 10 pages included in the WebGOLD Pro package, you may always purchase additional pages.

What happened to the original WebGOLD package offered by ASPS?

All WebGOLD sites still feature the same professional design you’ve come to expect from ASPS. To distinguish different WebGOLD products, we’ve introduced WebGOLD Debut, WebGOLD Pro and Web Platinum. The previously offered WebGOLD Enhanced page is now available for order directly from ASPS (just contact member services). Contact us to learn about all of your website options through ASPS.

How much do the WebGOLD products cost?

Pricing varies for each product, i.e. website package.  For pricing questions, please call 1-800-800-8314, ext. 1, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Can I make changes to my WebGOLD site?

With our user-friendly CMS, you can edit content or upload new photos to your SIMages gallery. Ask your WebGOLD consultant about making other changes and additions. If alterations exceed the number of work hours stated in the WebGOLD contract, an hourly fee will be assessed. If you have a WebGOLD site and need to make changes, please call 1-800-800-8314, ext. 4.

I'm a candidate for ASPS membership; can I buy a WebGOLD site?

If you're eligible to participate in the ASPS Online Referral Service, you're eligible to purchase a WebGOLD Pro site. Currently all Candidates for Membership and Active Members certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. or The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada can participate. If you are a plastic surgery senior resident or plastic surgeon working toward board certification, please ask us about WebGOLD Debut.

I'm in practice with another ASPS member; can we both use the same site?

Yes. The best way to structure this is to have a shared front page for your site ("Richmond Plastic Surgeons" for example) and then use one of your other linked pages to provide information about each physician. Additional physicians can be added and every additional physician receives two additional pages and two additional email addresses. Please contact our WebGOLD Consultant if you are interested in this feature.

Can I buy a WebGOLD site and host it with a different vendor?

No. The WebGOLD sites are intrinsically linked to the ASPS Web server database systems and are designed to work only when hosted by ASPS.

I already have a domain name; can I use it with my WebGOLD site?

Yes. We can help surgeons transfer management of domains to an account accessible by WebGOLD. The success of this will depend on the vendor currently maintaining the domain.

How will patients find my WebGOLD Pro or WebGOLD Debut site?

There are many ways that patients can be directed to your site. Patients can find your site through referrals from other websites or advertisements that you can set up on your own. You can also choose to drive more traffic to your website through one of our search engine optimization packages.

I don't have a website yet; can you help me find and register a domain name?

Yes, we can work with you to find an available domain, register it, and point it to your new site. We can also take care of managing and renewing the domain for the surgeon as part of the annual maintenance contract.

Will I own my domain name if I have a WebGOLD site?

Yes. You will own your domain. We will assist you with hosting, but the domain will be your property.

Can I move my existing website content to a new WebGOLD site?

if it would be applicable. Most of the time it is very easy to transfer content. If you are interested in changing your site’s content or design, please contact us at 1-800-800-8314, ext. 1.

Do WebGOLD Pro or WebGOLD Debut sites have animations, videos, or audio?

Yes, we create animated banners to go with the WebGOLD Pro and WebGOLD Debut sites for an additional fee. Please speak with a WebGOLD Consultant to discuss your Audio or Video needs.

Do WebGOLD Pro and WebGOLD Debut offer Search Engine Optimization?

With additional fees, we offer ongoing services for Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

How do I buy a WebGOLD website or product?

Contact WebGOLD Sales Desk at 1-800-800-8314, ext. 1 to place your order. A WebGOLD product consultant will call your office to set up a consultation with the practice to work out the specifics of what the site will include.

I am currently using WebGOLD Debut; why do I have to pay the upgrade fee to WebGOLD Pro?

WebGOLD Debut sites are specifically designed for ASPS Senior Residents, Fellows, Applicants, and non-board certified Candidates for Membership. Once a Candidate becomes an ASPS member and the upgrade fee is paid, their site will receive several upgrades to distinguish it as a WebGOLD Pro website. Upgrades include a before and after gallery, installation of Wordpress blog, Gold badge added to their ASPS referral listing and direct link from to their WebGOLD Pro website.

Who should I speak to about upgrading my ASPS WebGOLD site?

Contact WebGOLD Sales Desk at 1-800-800-8314, ext. 1 for more information.

How do I get an "Enhanced" page?

You may purchase a separate Enhanced listing via ASPS's website at You will need to have your member number and password to place your order online. If you do not have your member number, please contact ASPS Member Services at (847) 228-9900.

What is an Endorsed vendor?

Please visit to learn more about practice solutions endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.